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Primer - Fighting Art

Fighting Arts are attacks, dodges and blocks that the system uses during combat. They are executed automatically during a fight. Fighting Arts must be in a Combo to be seen by the system for you. Combos can be created and edited on your Dashboard.


  1. Setup/Recovery Frames: These are delay frames that come before and after an Art is executed.
  2. Armor: "Stagger Armor" provides anti-stagger from attacks you are hit by.
  3. Readiness State: Does this Art put you in a dodge, block, redirect state or is it simply an attack?
  4. Aim: What part of the body does this aim for. Avoidance Arts have a higher rate of success if their Aim matches the incoming attack's aim.
  5. Reach: How far does this attack reach (only for attacking)
  6. Stagger: How much stagger does this attack inflict (also called Impact)
  7. Shift: How off balance does this Art put you and the opponent at.
  8. Health Cost/Damage: How much health this takes from you to use and inflict against the opponent when it hits.
  9. Stamina Cost/Damage: Same as health cost but for stamina. Position Change None / None
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